Our Companies
Over the past 10 years we have been building and investing in leading
companies in the market in a large number of countries all over the world

Tamga is a dynamically developing group of projects specializing in financial services provision - online platforms automatically selecting lenders for borrowers with the most favorable terms.

Tamga uses unique technologies allowing to assess clients solvency within seconds, analyze the best offers of partners-creditors, select the most optimal loan products for the borrowers and ensure a quick money transfer.

WayForPay is a platform providing services of payment acceptance for online business and fast card-to-card money transfers.

It simplifies payment processes on websites, makes payments more convenient, understandable and easier for customers.

Besides, the company created it’s own antifraud solution WayForPay AntiFraud – scoring model helping to analyze transactions and determine fraudulent operations accurately.

Еkassa incorporates various creditors on its platform with the best loan conditions.

Еkassa takes the best from banks, financial companies, online platforms and in addition to it provides an individual approach to the client, special conditions and transparency.

The company offers both short-term and long-term loans in Poland without collateral and without leaving home.

Universal Commerce Group is a rapidly growing international digital platform for launching and developing online projects.

The company consists of 25 international projects focused on E-commerce, Price Comparison, Marketplaces, Job Search, Recruiting, Car Sales, Real Estate, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Fin Tech, Media, etc.

CompareGroup is an international fast-growing financial product comparison group operating in 5 countries in Europe.

Its commitment is to provide choice for customers in the spheres of banking, insurance and utilities, to build the most convenient and comprehensive platforms, delivering independent up-to-date information to consumers and providing further value to the partners.

RacoonGo is a universal internet platform aggregator allowing users to quickly and conveniently compare and select the most advantageous loan conditions, placing deposits, as well as request information and track changes in their credit history.

Now RacoonGo specializes in Polish financial products and services provided by various financial companies and banks.